There are few accessories that are as well-loved by women across the world as handbags. In fact, we love our handbags so much that we managed to spend a very impressive $7 billion on our favorite accessory last year- a figure that has more than doubled in the last 5 years (Bloomberg, Oct. 2007).

We love the handbag because it can easily make or break an outfit. You don’t have to be the size of a stick insect to make it look great, it acts as a status symbol, it contains all our precious possessions, and with so many great designs and colors to chose from, it’s hardly surprising we can’t help ourselves.

But, what do we do with our precious handbag when we’re out and about in restaurants, bars, the hairdressers, etc? Some restaurants acknowledge our dilemma of where to put our handbags with hooks under the table, but in most places we’re still forced to put our prized Louis Vuitton bag on the floor. And it most certainly does not belong there! In countries like Mexico, Bulgaria and Turkey it’s even considered bad luck to put your handbag on the ground.

Luckily our dilemma has been addressed. Never again will the handbag-lover need to dump her precious handbag on the floor. The incredibly simple, yet gorgeous handbag hook is the chic way of keeping your handbag off the floor, so that it’s much more likely to remain in its pristine condition for longer. It also means that it’s out of reach of thieves. The handbag hook has even caught the eye of Queen Elizabeth, who like even the common woman, does not want to search for her bag on the floor (Hello magazine, April 2006)

Good news for those of us who carry everything but the kitchen sink in our handbag – the hook holds up to 15kg. Basically, if you can carry it, so can the hook. It’s small enough to fit into even the smallest of bags. It comes in its own lovely little black pouch. You can even have your name or initials engraved on the hook.

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