Looking for a bag that is a little different from the usual one you place over your shoulder? If you are then why not ditch what you have and consider investing money in a kooba jacinda bag. The way in which this bag has been constructed may look relatively simple but it certainly has appeal that women love.

What makes this particular bag appealing to so many women today is the way the bag has been cut and the leather belt that wraps around it. It is these little differences have helped to make the kooba jacinda bag a great deal more interesting and of course unique.

So what else is it about this bag that will have many women flocking to purchase it?

First off this bag is fitted with exterior pockets making it much more functional compared to other bags of a similar size currently available. It offers you a place to put your cell phone or even lipstick so you don’t need to spend ages rummaging through the bag itself to find them.

Also inside these bags you will find a key clasp where you can place your house or car keys. Again this is only a recent feature added to the bag but has proven very popular. Yet again no need to spend ages rummaging around in your bag looking for your keys especially at night when returning home.

But if that wasn’t enough they have also chosen with this bag to fit another much larger clasp to place your keys on and this one is located in one of the pockets that sit on the front of the bag. You can if you want leave the keys dangling on the outside but the risk of them causing damage to the high quality leather from which the bag is made is high. If you only have small bunch of keys to attach to the clasp you will find that they sit very well inside the pocket.

Of course what really is the most outstanding feature of the kooba jacinda bag is the material from which it is made. Just like all other bags from kooba you will find that they have used the most supple and soft leather possible. So even when fully loaded with all essential items a woman needs to carry it won’t feel uncomfortable when being carried over your shoulder or in your hand.

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