Are you wondering how to replace the strap on your smartwatch? It couldn’t be easier: removing the band from your connected smartwatch takes just a few seconds. 

For the replacement of the band, you need to be careful to choose a bracelet. Compatible with your smartwatch band, i.e. a bracelet that matches the size of your smartwatch. We recommend that you find the right bracelet for you directly on the retailer’s website so that there are no compatibility errors or even falling on a product of poor quality, which runs the risk of damaging your smartwatch. 

Hence, in this article, you will find the various steps that you need to take to be able to change the bracelet from your smartwatch and then be able to change the bracelet according to your taste.

To remove the strap from your connected watch, do the following:

  • Press the button that connects you to the band of your smartwatch: This button is located at the bottom of the back of your connected watch
  • Slide the bracelet from your smartwatch, either up or down, until it is completely removed (the button must be kept pressed during the entire process of removing the band)

You’re done, you can now add your band to your smartwatch. If the bracelet gets stuck while pulling out, you may not be holding the eject button accurately: repeat the experiment and make sure you press this button whenever you try to remove the band from your device and there should be no more blockages.

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