Most doll lovers hear about these lovely creatures for the first time on eBay. There they are touted in many words. This awakens feelings of mother or father. Because your children have grown up far too quickly. Unfortunately, many words and inaccurate photos often only cover up errors.

If you are considering buying a reborn doll via a virtual auction house, I have written down a few pieces of advice for you so that you don’t end up like me.

If you discovered a beautiful real-life baby today, don’t step up with it today. Anyone who makes good dolls will be putting an adorable real-life baby in it again.

Check out the seller’s reviews. However, good ratings are not a sign of quality.

Look at the reviews of buyers. If necessary, get in touch with a buyer. Has he or she already had several real-life babies, or was it the first? Then that might not necessarily be the person you are talking to. 

If you read the sentence: “Private sale, no right of return” – hands-off.

A good seller always grants a right of return if errors occur. But then be fair enough and don’t bring up any mistakes in your “hair”. These dolls are handmade.

Put together a questionnaire by putting together all of the questions that you have for the seller. Don’t ask your questions all at once, always in small portions. Otherwise, the person at the other end of the computer can easily become uncomfortable. 

Have additional pictures emailed to you? You can start asking questions right away, then you will see how different the different salespeople react. Be fair to the seller here too and break off contact after a question or two if you do not want to buy this doll.

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