Have ever wondered what is the purpose of applying a base coat in gel manicures or even regular manicures? If yes then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share why it is important to apply and what it’s used for. 

Base Coat and Gel Manicures:

Applying a base coat gel is an important step in doing your own gel manicure at home. If you do not apply a base coat, then you can experience peeling and chipping nails more often

Base coats do two things: they protect your nail and act as a sticking point for your colored gel polish. 

So what’s the purpose?

Priming your nails for the colored polishes to come! The base coat is there to help the polish bond to your nail better and last longer. This is why we recommend applying a base coat before you apply any sort of nail polish or gel polish.

The adhesion qualities of our base coat are what allow it to stick to your natural nail, protecting it from discoloring due to the pigments in the colored polish. Without this base coat, you can run into a few problems:

Your natural nail may become stained after removing your manicure (especially if using darker colors). This staining is permanent and can be extremely difficult to remove completely. Our Base Coat prevents this from happening. 

Your colored polish may chip more easily without using BLUESKY Base Coat. This is because the adhesion qualities of the BLUESKY Base Coat help it bond to your natural nail and give

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