Gel nail polish is one of the most popular nail trends of today. It’s extremely durable and has a great shine. But what most people don’t understand is the difference between gel nail polish and traditional gel polish. That’s why we decided to cover this topic in today’s article. 

Between Gel Nail Polish VS Traditional Nail Polish:

Traditional nail polish is a regular nail polish that you get from the parlor when you get a nail makeover. It can be simple to use and can be used by yourself at home. This is why people love regular nail polish. Regardless it is prone to peeling off and does not remain on your nails for more than a few days. It also needs more time to dry. 

On the other hand, gel nail polish is used in nail parlors. It is usually applied by an experienced nail tech or with the help of a gel nail kit for at-home use. 

Also, you require light radiating ultraviolet rays to lay the gel nail polish on your nails. Applying gel nail polish is a long process that requires patience, but the results are worth it. 

Besides, it remains on your nails for a while and does not peel off. It also requires a limited duration to dry. 

Gel nails are more costly than other nail polish by 25 to 30 dollars, but they are definitely worth the price. They add a special coating of defense to your nails and prevent them from breaking. So if you want to increase the length of your nails, using gel polish will do the job for you.

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