Oil painting is a very famous technique for making art. Oil paintings are usually made on canvas or wood panels. There are many other techniques used to make art such as acrylics and watercolor but oil painting is the most popular of all. Oil paintings are also made with other mediums like glue, wax, and resin.

Oil painting is a very old and popular art and people are still interested in it because there are many techniques to learn from. Though oil painting is different from other art, most of the common techniques used in other arts can also be used in oil painting. But the best technique among all these techniques is not easy to learn and it takes a lot of time and passion to learn it.

The first thing is that you should know the basic steps which include choosing the right brush, choosing the right place to paint, preparing your canvas, sketching and selecting colors with proper mixing of colors, etc. 

After knowing all these things you can start your first practice by using various brushes and different colors on your canvas. You will understand how much pressure you have used while applying colors without making any unwanted streaks or blotches on your canvas. With practice, you will get better at it and can try new things like details, backgrounds, and shadows which are very important for an oil painting.

Another technique is called impasto that’s means thick paint or heavy texture which gives an extra texture to your piece of art. This technique is mostly used by artists who are professionals because this demands more skills than other techniques.

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