If you prefer to buy individual accessories instead of a UV nail polish set, you need a complete set of special utensils for a good manicure. These include:

  • Nail polish remover  (for UV polish you need one with acetone) and buffer to remove the old layer of nail polish. 
  • A hand bath with warm water and oils for nail care.
  • A manicure stick to push back the cuticles. 
  • A high-quality file that trims nails and seals the ends.  
  • Basecoat, topcoat, and varnish – all UV-curing – in a color of your choice.
  • A UV lamp is essential for curing the paint.

If you have the choice, you should always opt for a lamp with LED light. While UV light damages the skin over time and can lead to premature skin aging, LED-powered lamps are comparatively gentler.

Prepare The Nails Properly:

  • First, carefully prepare the nail by gently pushing back the cuticles. Shape your nails with a file.
  • Now decrease your nails with nail polish remover.
  • Now apply the base coat to your nails one at a time.
  • Cure the clear base coat under the LED lamp for 30 seconds to two minutes.
  • Now you should apply the colored varnish in several layers one after the other and let it harden again under the LED light. You should note the following: 
  • Instead of applying the nail polish too thickly, paint several thin coats on top of each other until you are satisfied with the color result.
  • Two coats are usually sufficient. You should not apply more than four layers, otherwise, the nails will become too thick.   
  • Also, paint the nail tip with UV paint to make the fingernail particularly durable in its entirety.
  • You should apply a protective topcoat, the so-called topcoat, to the uppermost UV layer. However, you can remove the “sweat layer” that forms on this paintwork.

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