Water glass casting factory in China is just one of the optimum not unusual locations for funding casting procedures in China, nonetheless, is hardly ever in different countries. In Chinese financing spreading shops, about 80% of factories attention its venture in water glass spreading, at the same time as the relaxation are silica sol casting factories. So what’s water glass casting?

Water glass spreading, one form of misplaced wax funding spreading system, makes use of water glass as a result of the binder for the covering. The start of water glass casting is in Russia. The process of water glass casting is what we specified in the funding casting system, with this technique, it’s much proper for metal spreadings, primarily for carbon steel and also alloy metal castings. It allows offering metal castings starting from 0.5kg-60kg.

Water Glass Investment Casting Process

Wax Injection

For every single casting to be made, melted wax is injected right into a mold to provide a wax sample of the spreading. The wax mold and mildews are constructed of Aluminum and sized to represent shrinking withinside the wax and also metallic which can be being used. Wax tooling stages from simple item passes away, to multi-hollow space automated dies and challenging passes away offering water-soluble or ceramic cores.

Wax Assembly

When the wax designs have cooled down as well as cleared up to a solid size as well as form, they might be attached onto a sprue or tree. The sprue, additionally made from wax, includes all the crucial gateways, and also runners and assists to extensively feed the aspect throughout of the casting system.

Shell Building

The wax sprue is now “spent” in ceramics to create the mold and mildew for the metal to be poured into. The ceramic includes parts, a liquid slurry included with completely dry sand. Each sprue is consisted of in more than one layer of slurry as well as sand till the ceramic covering is thick sufficient to preserve up for the period of the casting system. The covering creating system typically takes 24 hrs, with everywhere from 2 days to virtually 2 weeks for the shells to absolutely dry.


Once the shell has actually dried out, the wax is melted with the usage of an autoclave to combat the augmentation of the wax. The shells are then fired to dispose of any type of final wax residue and therapy the ceramic shell. Once the coverings had actually been discharged, they might be currently gotten ready for the casting system.


The refined shells are located lower back withinside the stove to be pre-heated before spreading. When the shells are at the appropriate temperature as well as the molten metallic has been organized as well as certified, the coverings are removed from the oven and the metallic is poured into the shells.

Ending up

The shell is hammered, media blasted, vibrated, waterjet, or chemically liquified (every so often with fluid nitrogen) to introduce the casting. The sprue is decreased and also recycled. The casting might also after that be wiped tidy as much as get rid of symptoms and signs and symptoms of the spreading system, normally via means of means of grinding.

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