Any woman fortunate enough to own any original vintage designer handbags will know exactly how it feels when one first lay’s one’s eyes on one. It catches your attention out of the corner of your eye and you turn and swoop. Your heart starts to race as you wonder if you are going to find the designer label inside that you are hoping for. You may not actually know which designer’s bag it might be, you maybe just have a feeling. The fun of the search for true vintage bags is sometimes part of the overall enjoyment and adds to the pride of ownership, once the bag is hunted down and secured.

Vintage evening bags are absolutely guaranteed to lift your outfit from the standard ‘nice’ to the outstandingly ‘amazing’. Firstly, we would never choose to carry a cheap, plastic, handbag from the market when we attended a special event, in our long, beaded, maxi dress, now would we? Secondly, our good quality leather bag which we reserve for smart wear is equally unlikely to give our outfit the ‘wow’ factor. However, with the simple addition of a little beaded 1920s flapper handbag we become the belle of the ball and the secret envy of all the women present. The flapper era of the 20s saw the inception of the ‘dance purse’ as a regular accessory to the fashions of the day and this is why, if we look hard enough, we will find many beautiful examples of these..

Vintage clutch bags are the perfect accessory for a smart outfit and are just the right size when attending a wedding, garden party or concert. They are as much a piece of jewellery as they are a holder of our few necessities. The more elaborate the better and embellishments such as beads, bows and embroidery purely add to their attraction.

It’s not easy for our men to understand the attraction of the little vintage bag, little less the price and it is therefore up to us to justify our need for them. We must firstly explain that these little gems are collectors’ items. This will make our whole addiction much easier for them to bear. In fact, for many women, although they may use them occasionally, primarily they might buy them for their beauty and to display them. Good vintage leather bags will hold their value and even increase in value, as will all vintage designer handbags that are in good condition.

There are plenty of vintage style bags on the market and these, by virtue of their name, can often look the part. They will cost less but do not always appeal to the true aficionado. Every woman should have at least one special piece that she can cherish and occasionally take out for an evening. Break your man in gently, one bag at a time and before you know it he’ll be buying you vintage designer handbags for birthdays, Christmas and any other excuse you can dream up. Your enthusiastic response, upon receiving these beautiful gifts, will only further encourage him. Everyone will be happy, you, your man and your growing handbag collection.

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