They are reusable and recyclable and therefore have a significantly lower impact on the environment than single-use bags. 

At the same time, this makes them more economical, because new polybags do not have to be bought all the time. Are you curious? We introduce you to the variety of options.

Polybags bring two advantages in their use:

Thanks to the comparatively simple production and multiple uses, polybags are popular with manufacturers and sellers. 

However, they also bring two decisive advantages when they are used. Customers do not have to remove the entire content immediately but can ration the goods individually in the polybag. 

Once the contents have been used up, the bag can in principle be cleaned and put to a new use. In order for polybags to be able to provide these advantages, they must be made of a robust material.

If you need simple polybags, flat bags for filling goods with a comparatively small volume. These poly bags are open at the top and have either a bottom or side seam. 

Alternatively, in the same category, you will find poly bags with a sharp taper towards the bottom. These so-called cone bags have been used for many decades, for example in pastry shops, at fairs, or for packaging spices.

If bags are to be used again and again, it is worth thinking about woven poly bags with their own closure system. In this category, we list four options. Ziplock bags are widely used and have a distinctive full-width ziplock at the top end of the bag. 

The polybag can be closed step by step with the thumb and forefinger and opened again with a pulling movement. Also frequently used: pull-seal bags. They are almost identical in appearance but have a small, usually white, plastic slide that makes the closure even easier to use

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