Smart locks are the next logical step towards smarter homes. Since these locks are equipped with sensors, they communicate with your smartphone. Most of these communicate via Bluetooth to let you unlock your doors remotely. Reading this blog post you will know why everyone needs to upgrade their door locks. 

Smart Door Lock:

One of the biggest trends in home automation at the moment is the smart lock. Smart locks replace your standard lock with a lock that can be controlled through your smartphone. This means you can gain entry into your house without the need for a physical key, simply by using your smartphone as a key.

A Smart Lock allows you to unlock your home without the use of a physical key. Rather, you use your mobile phone to unlock, lock and check the status of your door. 

These locks also provide other advanced functions such as remote lock and unlock, geofence capabilities giving you notifications when unexpected entry happens, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities such as 24/7 automatic monitoring and alarming for external threats.

With so many different styles and brands from various smart door lock suppliers, it’s easy to find one that fits your personal preferences.

The Takeaway:

Smart locks are some of the newest developments in-home technology. Using an easy-to-install keypad smart lock, you can easily control who has access to your home. You can give friends codes or allow them to download their own apps for added access. 

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