You have applied your favorite nail polish and before it gets dried, there’s already a blemish in the polish. But don’t worry, there are a few tricks that make nail polish dry in a flash.

  • After applying the nail polish, let it dry for about a minute, and then briefly hold your nails in a bowl of cold water. The cold makes the nail polish dry faster. It’s best to have a bowl of ice water ready before painting to avoid scratching your nails while preparing.
  • If you have special varnishes that contain so-called polymers, you can also let your nails dry under a UV lamp. The nail polish that needs to be dry under a UV lamp is called a professional gel nail polish.
  • Many companies produce so-called rapid dryers. These are topcoats that you simply apply over the desired color, so the nail polish can dry quickly. if you want to go faster! It makes the nails shockproof within ten seconds. In addition to quick-drying varnishes, some companies produce special kinds of sprays that can be used to dry the nail polishes fastly.
  • Blow on the nail polish is a home remedy to speed up the drying process. But the moisture and warmth of the air you breathe tend to slow down the drying process. Instead, let your blow dryer do the work. However, it should definitely be in a cold setting, as the nail polish will not be dried in a warm air setting. Simply hold the blower on your fingers for a few minutes and nothing more can happen to the nails.
  • Just as effective, but not exactly energy-saving: simply put the dried nails in the freezer for a short time. Here, too, the cold causes the paint to harden.

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