It can make or break a woman’s entire look. If chosen incorrectly it can mean disapproving head turns instead of envious stares. Whether for a formal or informal occasion, day or night, it must be appropriate to the activity as well as the ensemble chosen. A purse helps define a woman; even those who reject the importance portray an image through their decided act of the abandoning fashion in favor of function. A purse is not simply a small piece of luggage or a large wallet. It represents one of the central components of a woman’s portrayal of her fashion sense as well as her lifestyle and interests.

Carrying a large bag often indicates a woman on the go, needing to always bring a bit of her world with her as she goes about her busy day. A small clutch shows a more carefree, whimsical attitude, with no need for functional practicality.  A beaded or silk bag can signal attendance of a formal event, while a cotton tote likely indicates a day of errands. A boldly patterned or brightly colored bag often shows an artistic or adventurous side. Those who opt for a simple tried-and-true black piece give off an air of chic, classic elegance.   Stitching and metalwork can mean the difference between a bag appearing expensive and luxurious, and it looking cheap and poorly constructed. Obvious label marks of course also can show different styles and price points. Structure or lack thereof is another major indicator of a woman’s personal style. There are numerous details that together determine the overall effect of a woman’s handbag. These various characteristics come together to define a purse, and consequently to dictate where, when, and by whom it should truly be worn. A purse in itself divulges a significant amount of information about its owner. Yet its appropriateness to the outfit selected and the occasion attended are just as significant in determining the final effect. A beautiful day tote can look entirely wrong and out of place if worn to an evening event or with a dressy ensemble. Similarly a beautiful crystal encrusted silk clutch can look cheapened and just wrong when worn with a pair of informal flats or on an errand to the supermarket. 

For some women it can be quite the daunting task to properly select the numerous characteristics that must come together to equate to an appropriate and well chosen handbag.   Yet as the weather gets colder, many women are looking for this year’s new winter leather handbag. Luckily, there are some simple rules that will help any woman to determine the best option for her next handbag purchase.   One of the central rules governing all handbag purchases is to ensure that the leather used is of high quality. It is important that the leather be supple, soft, and of course, genuine. Good leather handbags will be made of quality calfskin and will appear smooth and luxurious. It is important when making a handbag purchase, to ensure that the leather will be elegant looking. Given that most leather purses have less detailing, the quality of the material of which they are composed is of the utmost importance. Differences in leather quality can make the difference between the appearance of Milan and that of China.  

While in years past, women have tried again and again to save a bit of money through purchasing faux leather products. Yet these purchases invariably turn out to be a major mistake. The stitching quickly frays and the detailing often becomes haggard looking in just a short period. Thus the alternative to leather turns out to be not only unfashionable, but also uneconomical as women are forced to purchase a replacement. When purchasing a new leather handbag this winter it is thus important to first ensure that the leather is both real and of high quality.

Another cardinal rule for leather handbag shopping is to search for styles that will be both trendy and classic. A well chosen bag should both reflect modern design innovations, and simultaneously give an air of timeless beauty. Great bags are a product of their times, but they are also able to be enjoyed for all time. As a high-quality leather handbag is durable enough to last a lifetime, it is always a good idea to ensure that the purchase of a great piece can be enjoyed by generations of girls in the family to come. Who doesn’t love the thrill of coming across one of grandma’s great vintage bags? Handbags are not merely fashion, they are art, and they should be enjoyed and passed on in the same way. 

What then is the right style choice for today’s shopper? Truthfully there is no answer. Every woman should find a style to suit her own daily needs and to reflect her own personality. A great purse should enhance the woman, not overpower her. What is so great about today’s handbag style is that it incorporates many of the beautiful design trends of decades past and, as a result, there is a wide array of choices available in structure and color.   As the boho-chic trend continues to captivate American and western European fashion audiences, slouchy hobo bags continue to be one good option for those looking for a more laid-back look. However, there is a growing trend towards more structured bags. These represent a particularly nice option for leather handbags, and they showcase the beauty of leather in a sophisticated and elegant manner. Boxy and rectangular bags are the main focus of many of today’s leading designers. Purses are tending towards a monochromatic look, rather than combinations of leather colors and types as was experimented with in years past.

While the shape and color of a leather handbag are important, another central consideration is the strap type. Most of today’s designers are continuing to utilize short, thick straps that either fit over the lower arm or the shoulder. Those that can be worn over the shoulder are great for daywear, and those strictly for the lower arm present an elegant, chic option. Many designers are also now fusing the two potential strap choices, and creating bags with moderately short straps that can be worn over the shoulder or on the lower arm. Finally, when choosing the next winter leather handbag, it is important to consider detailing that will be trendy and showcase one’s individual style. This year bags are continuing with a trend of general simplicity, with a bit of feminine detailing. Many bags have small bows or ties to create an interesting, delicate look without appearing too high-maintenance or showy. Whatever the details one chooses, it is important to remember that a well-chosen leather handbag in today’s society is one that is simultaneously trendy, personal, and classic.

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