Laser welding machine manufacturer

The Nd Yag system is a high precision type of welding system used in the metalworking industry. They are available in desktop, portable, and handheld models. These laser systems are widely used in various industries including metalworking, surface treatment, mold repair, and others. machines are used in both large and small-scale manufacturing operations. Here are some of the benefits of Nd Yag laser welding systems. Read on to find out how these lasers work.

Yifi laser

The Yifi is the first to enter the new energy vehicle power battery market in 2007. The company has made significant investments in this field, which has led to its recent listing in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The report focuses on the market size, competitive landscape, sales, and distribution channels, and key market players. It also identifies lucrative market opportunities and reveals the regional and country-level development trends.

Founded in 2005, Wuhan YiFi laser equipment Co., LTD is one of the leading laser welding machine manufacturers in China. Based in Wuhan, Hubei, the company is a registered seller on Trade India and is one of the most popular Chinese manufacturers. Its products include Yifi Laser Welding Machines for Square Battery Shell and End Cover Seals. In addition to laser welding machines, the company also offers welding automation solutions.


A leading manufacturer of welding machines, Panasonic has a strong track record in innovation. The company’s Technical Centers, which are modeled after living laboratories, enable engineers to create custom waveforms to meet the demands of different industries. These waveforms address the trend toward lighter, thinner, and coated materials, as well as more complex welding processes. With its innovative Lapriss laser welding machines and Tawers arc welding machines, Panasonic can help you meet the increasing demands for welding equipment and process technology. Panasonic also has a wide range of laser welding solutions, including Super Active and Zi-Pulse technologies. You can even scale your production line from low to high volume, saving your investment until your needs have been met.

The company has recently signed a contract to acquire the direct diode laser maker TeraDiode, Inc. TDI is an international supplier of high-brightness direct diode lasers. The two companies will work together on research and development, manufacturing, and sales and service. The acquisition will also benefit Panasonic’s B2B business. It has been working to improve the capabilities of its laser welding machines.

Emag lasertec

The EMAG LaserTec is a leading global provider of high-performance, customized systems for the manufacture of automotive components. It has developed more than 160 laser welding machines, each custom-designed to fit the needs of specific applications. Their systems are used by leading automobile manufacturers for the fabrication of components such as clutches, gears, engine and steering components. Today, the company’s laser welding machines are found in more than 160 manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

The name of the company has changed to reflect a change in its focus and strategic orientation. The company now has 39 branches and is present in 6 continents. This presence in six continents is indicative of its global reach and growth. Its laser welding machines are a perfect fit for the manufacturing sector, encompassing a wide range of industries. And, with more applications for these machines being designed every day, EMAG is ensuring its future success.

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