• As soon as the flowers have been provided with our parcel solution, cut the individual blossom stalks at an angle according to the confined treatment instructions and also place the blossoms in water.
  • In the next step, soak the “Most” fresh flower floral arrangement in a bowl of water for at the very least half an hour. Please do not push the plug-in mass undersea, it will certainly soak up itself.
  • The paper box must be secured within with a water-proof cellular lining, or else, the paper will soften because of the damp fresh flower mass. Plastic bags or fridge freezer bags are suitable for lining the gift box. Take the double-sided tape and tape a couple of strips, relying on the width of the tape, around the withinside. Peel off the aluminum foil from the tape. Now place the plastic bag or fridge freezer bag inside the box as well as adhesive it to the side. So that no plastic shows up later, reduce the bag simply below the side all the way around with scissors.
  • You can now decorate the paper box with the help of a bow. If you choose a bow, the bow should be connected to the back of the box with a small strip of double-sided tape so that the bow can not slide later on.
  • Take the fresh flower floral composition out of the water as well as let it drain pipes briefly. After that cut the mosy and also put it in the paper box. The mosy should finish just below the edge of the gift box.
  • The next action is to begin arranging the blossoms. The most convenient means is, to begin with, a stunning increased blossom in the center and after that work your escape. Please shorten the blossoms before sticking them in and reduce them at an angle to make sure that optimal water absorption can happen. The flowers must be established far sufficient into the floral matrix so that no stems can be seen when you check out the present box from the side.

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