They are available in all variants, shapes, and colors – the gel nails. Many women can no longer imagine being without gel nail polish. The file and polish them. 

But some want to remove the gel nails. Whether it’s because you’ve had enough of it and want to go back to nature, or because a nail has cracked or broken off.

Gel nails look beautiful, but unfortunately, they are not good for natural nails. No air can get to it and it becomes soft, cracked, and brittle. Therefore, it is good to remove the gel nails once in a while. Preferably without filing, because that can be really dangerous for the natural nail.

The best option is always that you go to a professional nail salon to have the gel nails removed. Because there it is guaranteed to be done gently. However, the financial budget does not always allow this.

But you also have the opportunity to do so yourself. Gel nails can usually be removed with acetone. To do this, get some of this liquid from the pharmacy and mix it with a little water. 

Then soak your nails in the mixture for about ten minutes. The nails should come loose and you can gently remove them without leaving any residue.

But it is easier if you buy a ready-mixed nail remover in the drugstore. But you can also buy a ready-mixed nail remover online.

Removing gel nails without filing is definitely a gentler method than filing down with a coarse file. But this also damages the natural nail. Because acetone is a chemical, toxic, and highly flammable liquid.

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