Many people now drink filtered tap water. Because although the domestic tap water is generally of good quality, it contains lime, and often copper or lead due to outdated pipes. 

If you, as a consumer, suspect poor water quality, it can make sense to use a water filter in the household. We’ll tell you here what advantages such a device offers in everyday life.

External factors such as overfertilization and factory farming have a negative effect on our drinking water. Many measuring points certify excessive nitrate values ​​in tap water. Hormones, heavy metals, or drug residues also sometimes end up in the drinking water. 

People who live in older houses are particularly affected, as outdated pipes are sometimes installed in these households.

For these reasons alone, it can make sense to use a water machine to filter drinking water. Such water filter systems ensure better quality because they remove heavy metals, bacteria, sediments, and pipe deposits from the water. Such a system also filters out hormones or drug residues. 

New models are even able to filter more than 99 percent of viruses, heavy metals, and hormone molecules from the water.

In most cases, you can install water filter systems yourself in your own home. In particular, the under-counter water filters for the kitchen can be conveniently and “invisibly” attached under the sink. Such a water filter is ready for use after just a few simple steps so that a kitchen conversion is not necessary. 

If you move, you simply remove the installed water filter and take it with you to the new apartment.

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