There is a lot of competition in the market nowadays and if the retailers do not pay attention to some essential tips, they cannot stand in such a competitive world. 

Same as in the case of the jewelry market. If the shop owners do not attract the customers’ attention, they will fail to sell anything. So placing the jewelry in the properer and correctly displaying them will help attract customers’ attention towards their shop.

In this article! We are going to tell you about some important ways to set up a jewelry display counter.

Don’t put every sample on the display counter:

Sometimes the shop owner thinks that he should put every sample of the jewelry, but he overcrowded the display counter. He does so to attract the customer’s attention but this doesn’t help. 

Always leave some space between the different items and try to organize the items correctly. It means you should put the more oversized and antique items on the corners and the medium and smaller items in the center so that it will give a nice look.

Arrange the jewelry items into sets:

This will help the customers a lot because he doesn’t have to match the necklace with the earrings or earrings with the rings. 

If you arrange the complimentary items into a complete set and display them on the counter, the customer’s eye will undoubtedly catch it and he doesn’t have to roam around in the whole store.

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