Nonmetal laser cutting and engraving

If you’re looking for a non- and engraving machine, there are several models to choose from. This article reviews VEGA16, LYXC, Snapmaker Luban, and Vanklaser, among other machines. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each machine. Weigh the pros and cons, and decide which is right for you. Then, contact one of these manufacturers for a free quote.


The VEGA16 non- and engraving machine is a mid-sized, powerful, high-speed machine that cuts and engraves materials of various thickness. Its high-precision metal-mold laser head can cut up to 6 mm into cork, and it is compatible with all CorelDraw formats, including jpg, bmp, and gif. Its high-power axial fan helps it stay cool, and it also comes with water cooling and an electric automatic lifting system. This machine is also flame-retardant and has a wide range of applications.

The VEGA16 is a popular choice for small, home-based projects. The machine is easy to use, with a large, 600-mm work area and powerful 60W laser power. Its specialized mirrors and focus lens make it a versatile tool that can handle many different materials. Its focus point is a small, high-intensity point on the workpiece, known as the focal spot. The position of the focus depends on several factors, including material thickness, the laser’s wavelength, the type of assist gas, and the state of the focal lens.

LYXC can create beautiful designs on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. The LYXC non-metal laser cutter can engrave a three-dimensional surface or cut delicate designs in metal. LYXC non-metal laser cutters can be used for both industrial and DIY purposes. You can engrave wood, plastic, leather, and stainless steel.

The TEN-HIGH Upgraded Version Engrave Machine features a 60W laser head that can cut 6mm into cork. The laser-guided engraving machine can process all CorelDraw file formats and supports BMP, jpg, and gif. A cutting gas is used to cool the focused beam and protect the focusing lens. It is also used to expel melted material from the kerf, which is the width of the material being cut.

Snapmaker Luban

The Snapmaker Luban is a multi-functional machine designed for 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC engraving. The machine’s heated bed can be set at 80C to print PLA or ABS with a 50-micron layer resolution. Its heavy-duty metal frame provides stability and reduces vibrations. In addition, the machine’s CNC Module Enclosure keeps out swarf and material chippings.

This machine includes the software Snapmaker Luban. It is simple to use, and houses everything you need in one application, from cutting and laser engraving to 3-D printing and 4-axis CNC. The 10-watt laser module makes the machine a 3-in-one machine, reducing the clutter in your work space. It is compatible with 3D software, including Autodesk Fusion 360 and Cura, and supports 3D printing.


The Vanklaser non-metal laser cutter is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, including art crafts and engraving, as well as metal plates and wood. This machine features smooth, burr-free edges, high precision and efficiency, and is capable of cutting various types of non-metals. It can cut multiple materials simultaneously and can also engrave and cut three-dimensional objects, such as leather and plastic.

The Vanklaser laser engraving machine is an excellent tool for fine engraving and hollow carving of acrylic, paper, rubber, and organic board. The laser’s high-speed beam is focused using a glass tube. The laser beam then travels down the glass tube, where it comes into contact with the material to be engraved. You can control the speed of the laser beam, which ensures smooth engraving. The Vanklaser laser cutter is also suitable for engraving and cutting many types of hard materials, including acrylic and leather.

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