Many women love to match their purse with their outfit for the day. However, this can be an extremely hard task considering most outfits are completely different in style and color. The amount of purses a woman would have to have to perfectly match her outfit would be a ridiculous amount. But for these women, there is a simple solution to all of their matching dilemmas. The Miche Bag is a revolutionary new purse that allows you to change the look of your purse any time you go out.

The Miche Bag uses strong-holding magnetic shells that are interchangeable on your Miche purse. To change the designer shell, just remove the purse and pop it into another shell. The magnets will hold the shell in place, securing a tight fight. There are two different sizes of Miche Bags: small and large. Every designer shell comes in sizes small or large. The styles and colors of the shells themselves are almost limitless. You can literally match any outfit you have with one of the many beautifully crafted shells.

What makes the Miche Bag even more amazing is that it is completely customizable. Not only can you change the size and look of your purse, but you can also change the straps. If you feel like having a hand purse one day, all you have to do is shorten the arm straps. Alternatively, the straps can be lengthened to give the look of a long shoulder strapped purse. Miche Bags are also very affordable, unlike some of those other, boring designer purses that can run you hundreds of dollars. The magnetic shells are inexpensive as well, leaving you and your wallet happy. If you are the type of person who loves to have a different purse every time you go out, the Miche Bag is the purse for you.

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