The field of medicine is growing day by day. Every day new medical equipment is created in assisting doctors as well as patients. However, technology is directly linked to the medical profession. The most advanced technology which is included in the profession of medicine is an Endoscope.

An endoscope is a delicate instrument that is mostly used by doctors (physicians, surgeons, gastroenterologists) for inspection of the disease without having the surgery. It is usually inserted from the mouth for the inspection of diseases related to the trachea, stomach, and small intestine till the duodenum. It is inserted from the rectum to diagnose the problems of the large intestine.

The endoscope is playing an important role in the field of medicine. In the early ages, if the patient was not cured by medicine and the doctors were confused, what is the problem with the patient? 

They have no other solution but to cut the body and see inside it. The endoscope is a surgical-free process and gives results instantly without cutting your body. 

The structure of the endoscope is very complex. It is made up of rare components. For example: bending section endoscope. 

Bending section mesh is a stainless steel part in the endoscope that acts as a layer between the rubber and interior of the bending part. There are some steel brads also present with tiny diameters. Such brads easily get damaged due to any external force.

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