MDF board supplier

If you’re looking for an, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed the names of four companies that distribute this type of product in the region, including Sonae Arauco, Extira, Duratex SA, and DSI. Find out who to contact for a quote on your next project! You’ll be happy you did! Just follow these links for more information!

Sonae Arauco is a

The Portuguese manufacturer Sonae Arauco recently announced that it will be expanding production capacity in Mangualde, Portugal. Siempelkamp will supply an MDF/HDF plant, with a complex handling system for varying board lengths and widths. It will also include an interface to the company’s existing storage system, sanding and packing lines. Sonae Arauco will replace a multi-daylight press with this plant, which will increase the production capacity of the company’s MDF/HDF solutions while also cutting carbon emissions associated with production. Sonae Arauco will also benefit from automation technology and pneumatic conveyors that are included in the plant.

Extira is a MDF board

There are several advantages to choosing Extira as your The product is easy to work with, is resistant to moisture and rot, and is also termite and fungus-resistant. It is also twice as strong as MDF and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. You can install Extira in the same way you would install MDF.

Duratex SA is a

A publicly-listed Brazilian company, Duratex SA, has announced plans to expand its production capacity by doubling the current capacity of its MDF board factory. The new plant, to be built in the state of Minas Gerais, will have two production lines, totaling 1.4 million cubic meters of MDF each year. The company also plans to expand its existing manufacturing facility in Parana state to increase total panels production capacity to 5.6 million square meters per year.

DSI is a MDF board supplier

DSI is a Midwest-based distributor of commercial grade MDF and medium-density fiberboard. The company distributes products throughout the greater Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Millersburg, Ohio, areas. The company also offers deliveries of MDF products throughout the Midwest. Customers can call on the company’s sales representatives to determine which MDF board is right for their project. Listed below are a few of the reasons why DSI is a MDF board supplier.

M. Kaindl KG is a MDF board supplier

MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard and is used in doors, windows, and the furniture industry. It is a lightweight wood-based composite with excellent adsorption properties and is durable, moisture-proof, and wear-resistant. This type of material is also great for purifying the air. MDF is an ideal material for making furniture, as it expands like bread when it is soaked in water.

Roseburg is a MDF board supplier

If you’re in the market for MDF, consider choosing Roseburg MDF. Its superior properties and machining abilities make it an ideal substitute for solid wood and sanded plywood. Whether you’re fabricating precision parts or designing a furniture piece, Roseburg MDF is the material of choice. Besides MDF, the company also produces Permacore, Medite, and Arreis products.

Arreis Sustainable Design Fiberboard

SierraPine’s Arreis Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF) is the next generation of MDF. Made with 100 percent recycled wood fiber and no formaldehyde, Arreis is the sustainable choice for interior applications. Its versatility is unrivaled in the market, and it meets strict global emission standards. A certified Class 1 product, Arreis is also perfect for meeting indoor air quality requirements.

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