Gel nails have become a staple now. When I hear that the finish is beautiful and good, I want to try it! Many people should feel that. However, there are many areas of concern, such as costs and aftercare methods. Therefore, I have summarized the basic knowledge of gel nails polish that beginners want to keep in mind.

Gel nails that have become mainstream in the salon menu and have gained citizenship.
In the first place , gel nails are nails formed by curing gel-like resin .

Since the gel is coated on the base of your own nails, you can enjoy nails with a plump and glossy texture.
Also, because the gel is cured with UV light or LED light, it is attracting attention that the finish is very natural and long-lasting!

What is the difference from manicure?

The difference between gel nails and manicure is that the drying work is overwhelmingly short.

“Even though the nail polish was applied beautifully, I got sick while it was drying …”
“When I woke up in the morning, the traces of the futon got on the nails!”
Have you ever had such an experience?

Gel nails are hardened with UV light, so they can be cured immediately.
It hardens in about a minute, so I’m disappointed that I was able to clean it … I don’t have to think about it.

3 Benefits of Gel Nail

Gel nails have many other benefits besides being different from manicure. Here, we will introduce the advantages of such gel nails in three parts. You will surely be able to convey the charm of gel nails!

  1. Beautiful finish:  The designs that add patterns and clear designs are very beautiful.
  2. Wide variety of designs: The beautifully finished gel nails have an infinite range of designs.
  3. Long-lasting: Gel nails are long-lasting nails.

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