You desire to make a really exclusive impression? Forget Hermes and Cartier, think Jumeaux Dendermonde. Leading figures, well-known-people, theater actresses and movie actresses are buying the Jumeaux handbags of which the complete hand made production, is very limited in numbers of bags, so which is also very exclusive.

It all started off with the twin brothers Nicolas and Philippe Ledegen. (° 02nd of July 1965) As toddlers they surprised their family with their creative inventions, drawings and designs. Their early distinctive feeling for colours and for the mixture of colours was remarkable and it was to be expected that they would build their life around arts and craftsmanship.

After having finished the traditional school program, via via they got in contact with Mrs Schwennicke of the company Delveaux, immediately giving them the opportunity to follow a training program of three years in a specialised school to train as an maroquinier a leather craftsman). They started this training in 1983, with a lot of courage, but also with a lot of fear, because of the strict discipline. Of the 30 scholars whom had started the training, only 5 where

to succeed.

The two brothers Ledegen also took part in international competitions for young designers, like the prestigious Foire de la Maroquinerie (Leather Trade Show), supported by the world-famous Hermes. There they received 2nd and 3rd place for ‘Jeunes Créateur de l’Europe’ (Young Designers of Europe) with the most well designed ‘handbag for the year 2000’.

Entrepreneurship was something that they had in them from childhood onwards, so when they bought a small but suitable house in down-town Dendermonde (Belgium) the real work could start.

In 1999 de business opens in Dendermonde, and in 2002 first steps are taken in Japan where

‘Les Jumeaux Japon’ is founded.

The strategy is clear: style, class, quality and personal service. The four elements used by Jumeaux to gain the trust of their customers and to become successful. Indeed, the skins that are used are produced by the best leather-works in Europe. At Jumeaux they use only selected cow skin, and only the best pieces are used. This selection requires a lot of knowledge and attention.

This carefully selected leather is strong, the colour stays over a very long period of time, and it feels sensual when you touch it. This feeling is an experience you will enjoy over and over again, each time you use your Jumeaux purse. Even after years of use the appearance of the leather stays, and it is this quality that makes it different from the cheaper leathers.

Why not use plastics or cloth with a plastic layer on top? The answer is simple: in the craftsmanship of the leather-workers it is a tradition to use only the finest materials. There is only a master leather-worker. The master plastic worker doesn’t yet exists.

The production of each Jumeaux leather bag is done completely according to the craftsmanship:

*the cutting of the patterns

*the splitting of the leather according to the required thickness

*the burning of the edges and the finishing with special ink

*the mounting of the different pieces

*the stitching of the bag

*and last but not least, the quality control and putting the personalized initials

The care and the quality of the with craftsmanship made handbags can only be expressed by using natural material, which is shaped by the master leather craftsman.

The bags can be seen on http://www.jumeaux.be

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