Are you a fan of quilted handbags? Nothing says style and whimsy more than a beautifully appointed Bella Taylor quilted handbag. It seems as though these handbags never go out of style, because of their unique charm and style, these handbags seem to offer up classic and clean lines that have somehow managed to stay “in” over the course of the last years. This is quite comforting as it signals that the Victorian Heart Company, who makes these products, is always one step ahead of the industry by offering up a strong presence and making sure that both the competition and their customers know that they are here to stay.

Cotton quilted handbags are particularly appealing to women of all generations. These bags are made of 100% cotton and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors with designs that are both original and eye catching.

Variety of styles

There are over 400 types of different styles to choose from. The styles range from Bella Taylor Quilted Get Away Bags to Bella Taylor Mini Backpacks. Are you looking for a stylish and practical way of toting your lunch to work each day? Consider the Bella Taylor lunch bag.

In short, there is a quilted handbag for absolutely every time of occasion or event. Bella Taylor cotton quilted bags will get you from the boardroom to the ballroom without blinking an eye. Made with lightweight 100% cotton they are easy to care for and feel as light as air.

Variety of colors and sizes

Many women are picky about the color and sizes of their handbags. Fortunately, the Bella Taylor line offers up handbags in a huge variety of colors and sizes, from the Wallet ID to the tote bags with everything in between. These bags have all been created with practicality AND style in mind. Whether you prefer a compact size or a large, roomy handbag, you certainly have a huge variety to choose from.


Bella Taylor quilted handbags are just absolutely eye catching. Each bag is a magical combination of color and fabric, creating amazing and intricate designs that range from subdued to whimsical, always keeping in mind that above all else, these bags are timeless and classic.

There is no doubt that these cotton quilted handbags are the perfect accessory for any women. If you are a true handbag lover, you will not be able to resist these beautiful bags.

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