The handbag label is like the frame for the designer, hanging their mark, or their name for all to see. So everyone knows it is their product, innovation and style that is catching everyone’s eye. And because of the import duty of the label, Chanel labels will always be of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Chanel Labels: Always a key component to the authenticity of a handbag, Chanel labels will generally hold clues to the focused observer. First, Chanel is made in Italy or France, and the label should never say anything else. This embossed stamp (made in Italy, made in France), should have some texture to it, meaning if you run your finger over it you should be able to feel the stamp. It should not be a cheap print.

Centered label: The origin stamp should always align directly under the Chanel logo. Everything should be symmetrical relative to everything else. There should not be any unevenness to the alignment of the Made in Italy, or the Made in France, when compared to the Chanel logo. The logo should be centered perfectly within the origin script, and both the symmetric combination of both logo and origin stamps, should be centered perfectly within the entire label. If there is any sign of anything being crooked, or asymmetric, then that should raise a red flag.

France not Paris: Despite many Chanel bags being made in France, there should not be any labels saying; Made in Paris. However, and here is the confusing loop hole, having Paris stamped under the Chanel in the interior of the handbag is not a red flag.

This is not a complete list of all the logo details, but you can weed out many fake handbags with these quick tips. Good luck and safe shopping!

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