metal laser cutter

Aside from purchasing a, you should clean your machine thoroughly after operation. Cleanliness can enhance the lifespan of a by reducing wear and maintaining precision. It is also conducive to reducing parts wear. Besides cleaning, you should store workpieces in a clean and dry place according to regulations. Additionally, you should check circulating water in the water chiller. Cleaning the lens is also an important maintenance task.

FabLight FL4500

FabLight is a metal laser cutter that comes with a compressor and a gas supply. The compressor is included in the machine, and the user is responsible for installing the exhaust system. If this system fails to function, the FabLight will not cut metal properly and may cause damage to the machine. The machine requires a minimum of 18″ of space adjacent to the left side of the Top Cover to allow proper air cooling.

Air Assist

One of the best ways to keep your metal laser cutter in tiptop shape is to use the Air Assist feature. This innovative feature uses a stream of air to help your metal laser cutter cut faster and smoother. While the air can be horizontal or vertical, it should be kept clear of any debris or oil buildup, which can affect the operation of the laser’s air assist nozzle and pump. Also, inadequate air flow can lead to fire hazards, and poorly lubricated runners can cause premature wear.


The JustCut metal laser cutter is a high-performance device that is built for processing metal sheets. The machine uses nLIGHT laser sources with up to 3 kW of output. It cuts a wide range of metals and has a doubled servo motor, chain, and sprocket structure for improved speed and accuracy. It also includes a tool for nesting, line cutting, and index cards.

Neodymium lasers

Neodymium lasers are a type of metal-laser cutting material that is capable of cutting micro-thin wood objects. The materials used in such laser cutters include black walnut veneers and micro-thin wood objects. The materials used in these lasers are composed of a single synthetic crystal Y3Al5O12 that contains a low amount of neodymium. The laser’s wavelength is 1.064 micrometers and the laser’s emission is directed at the workpiece. The Nd lasers are used for medical, military, and rapid prototyping applications.

Fiber lasers

Using fiber lasers for metal laser cutters can be a better choice than CO2 for many reasons. Unlike CO2, the beam from a fiber laser can penetrate thick metals without causing any reflection. Moreover, the operating cost of a fiber laser is half of the cost of a CO2 system. Another advantage of fiber lasers is their electrical efficiency and lower electrical consumption. A fiber laser can cut metals up to four times faster than CO2 lasers.

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