This can be a tricky thing. Many market places, such as eBay have become littered with counterfeit handbags. How can you tell if what they are selling is real? How do you know if the handbag is the right choice for you? Here are some of our thoughts:

1. Don’t be fooled by people offering receipts with their handbags from places like Saks or eLuxury. Receipts can be forged and templates for these receipts can be found for sale online. If they have a receipt and state that the handbag is new, forget it. Who is going to buy a NEW handbag at eLux, spend 1K and turn around and sell it for $500? Exactly.

2. Pictures are worth a million bucks. Look for a website that shows detailed pictures of their handbags. This day in age, there is no excuse for lack of detailed photos. If you are on a place like eBay, there is no excuse for bad photos or lack of photos. If serial numbers are shown, they should be crisp. This day in age, it is easy to get good close ups and to re-shoot them if necessary. If they don’t have photos you want, ask for it. Serious sellers will provide them for you. If they give you any kind of excuse, forget it. Someone who has made an investment into these authentic handbags will not be lazy about trying to sell them to you.

3. Check their return policy. I am not saying that if they don’t offer returns it is a counterfeit. Many people are afraid of selling authentic handbags and of getting fake items in return. But do you really want to be stuck with an authentic handbag you don’t really want? What if it isn’t the right purse for you? What if the purse is uncomfortable to carry?

4. All fake purses come with tags, authenticity cards, etc. Don’t be fooled. As a matter of fact, many sellers sell Gucci with a black authenticity card along with the grey and white controllato card. Gucci does not give black credit card like authenticity cards.

5. Auctions starting too cheap. Honestly, would you invest $300 in a bag and risk starting it at $99 to avoid a couple bucks on eBay fees?

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