Making an easy structured purse is not a harrowing experience, as many would think. Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown is perhaps the thing that puts even the most stout-hearted off from pursuing the simplest of tasks. Being fearful does not need to be the case when it comes to making your gorgeous designer handbags.

I stayed away from making structured purses initially, simple because I didn’t think I had would it takes to make one. I wanted super easy, because I was new to sewing handbags. Well, to be honest, I was pretty new to sewing anything. I poked around here and there on several machines, sewing the things I absolutely had no choice but to sew. One day I thought, well, I’ve had it with just staying in my comfort zone, sewing mediocre items that anyone could make. I realized that if you want more, you have to do more; take a risk. So I did.

The Unknown Always Appears to Be Scarier Than It Is

Creating beautiful purses for me was easy, if we’re talking about the outside, because I painted my fabrics, but I needed to go deeper. What I felt my bags needed was the ability to stand up and I didn’t have a clue how to do that. I tried a number of methods that were really effective and produced amazing looking bags but not the firm structure I was looking for. In a last-ditch effort to make a stand up bag I took a purse class that taught the basics of making a straw bag. It gave some insights but didn’t quite satisfy what I was looking for.

The typical insides were chipboard which gave body but I considered them temporary since the bags did not hold its structure for long and were a disaster if they got wet or bent in some way. I finally found the solution, ironed out the kinks, and after making and selling a large number of high-end, hand painted structured handbags with delightful handles, I was pulled into teaching others how to make their bags pop.

Maybe You Don’t Need My DVD or My Handbag Materials Book

While everyone may not need a class or a copy of my purse materials book, I believe simple tips can help us to take our purses to the next level. Here are a few.

  1. Be patient- don’t overlook this step or think it trivial. Keep your eyes focused on your goal so that when frustration knocks on your door, you are not inclined to shift from your position.
  2. Make sure that you have the right sewing machine- you don’t need to buy the top of the line sewing machine, but you do need something with piercing power to get through the purse board. While you’re at it, make sure you’re using a sturdy needle; a number 17 is pretty good.
  3. Pattern making tools- its easy to focus on the roof without paying much attention to the foundation and the walls when building a structure. Your pattern making, like building a foundation is essential in creating your handbag. A simple awl, L-shaped ruler and a craft knife will help you to create a fabulous pattern. A wonky pattern will produce a wonky handbag.
  4. Purse materials- you will need a professional, sturdy purse board. There are a number of suppliers who carry these and they go by different names and the varying weights or thicknesses are for different purposes. These can be easily sourced in the USA and the U.K.
  5. Attention to detail- anyone can whip up a half-decent looking bag, and if that’s what you like then, go for it. If you want excellence, you can’t settle for mediocre work or materials. If what you are producing is not up to standard, pick it out and practice until it is. You might get a mediocre bag sold but you probably won’t get repeat business.

You can improve your structured handbags as my students did, simply by learning how to properly make a pattern and by choosing the right materials for their purses. Of course if you need more than the tips above, then dive deeper into DVD tutorials and receive the gems you need to create the product you envision.

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