The modern girl should look stunning on the tips of her nails. Therefore, it has now become a necessity to be able to apply make-up and manicures professionally. Tools and materials that were once considered strictly professional began to appear in cosmetic stores everywhere. 

Therefore, you need to carefully understand how to choose the perfect set for applying gel polish without losing anything and without spending extra money.

What You Need For A Manicure:

The question of what else is needed to apply gel polish is a rather controversial issue. There is a very valuable piece of advice for beginners: do not rush to buy everything at once. 

First, you need to buy a minimum of tools and materials, and then buy back the rest of the little things that will facilitate the process.

The simplest gel polish starter kit usually consists of the following components:

  1. LED or UF lamp;
  2. Degreaser, which is usually also a disinfectant;
  3. Basecoat (gel polish base);
  4. Top finish;
  5. Liquid to remove the sticky layer;
  6. Coating remover;
  7. One or more colored varnishes.

Such a kit can be supplied with or without a lamp. But this is not all that can be useful for successful work. 

In addition to the basic set, you will need several nail files of different strengths, good nail scissors or cuticle scissors, a buff to remove the grease layer from the nail, orange sticks or a cuticle pusher, lint-free wipes, and orange or other oil to moisten cuticles after exposure to UV rays.

Decor, stickers and rhinestones, ribbons, foils, clips for removing gel polish, and much more that can be found in stores, it is better to buy little by little, as needed. All these little things will make the job a lot easier, but to buy them you need to make a pretty serious investment in financing.

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