Have you ever before questioned the difference between a gel nail skim coat and also a topcoat? Or, did you know that either of these items can prolong the life of your gel manicure? If, yes, you go to the right location. In this post, we’ll let you understand why you require a base & top coat to get the very best gel nails.

Skim Coat as well as Top Layer:

Skim coats, as well as nail polish, have some similarities. Both of these finishes supply a layer of defense for your nails. There are a lot of reasons you ought to be utilizing a skim coat as well as an overcoat with your gel nail gloss.

The first factor is that they secure the gloss to your nails. This will avoid it from chipping or peeling your nails. It will likewise provide a nice shine to the nails, making them look healthy as well as attractive. They keep them looking tidy and neat.

The 2nd reason is that they help the gloss take place smoothly as well as evenly. The polish will certainly not leave touches on your nails with the top coat over it. This is terrific if you are utilizing dark-colored nail polish because it will certainly cover up any type of miss-matched or irregular places on the nails.

A skim coat additionally helps to strengthen your all-natural nails. It seals off any kind of splits or divides in them so that gel nail gloss can adhere better to the nails without fracturing or removing them conveniently. Gel nail glosses are very solid, however without sealing splits initially, they might not adhere also to your all-natural nails, therefore, making them a lot more susceptible to breakage or peeling off.

Bottom line:

If you do not use the protection provided by primers and also overcoats, you may damage your all-natural nails and also gels. But the premise is that the primer and topcoat you use are healthy and balanced. If the guide and overcoat you make use of are not assured, then you require to change to another supplier. 

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