Almost every woman wishes for them, but unfortunately, not all women are naturally blessed with beautifully manicured fingernails. Artificial fingernails can help, but what about during pregnancy?

Beautiful fingernails are part of a well-groomed appearance. But few women can count themselves lucky because Mother Nature has endowed them with near-perfect nails. In real life, many women have to deal with brittle and uneven nails. 

That is why many women opt for artificial nails. Of course, you don’t want to do without your beloved nails during pregnancy either. But are gel nails really safe or can artificial nails harm the unborn child or the mother?

Can Pregnant Women Wear Gel Nails?

In principle, you can also have gel nails using your gel nail polish kit during pregnancy all by yourself. After all, you should feel completely comfortable even when you are pregnant. Of course, this also includes a well-groomed appearance with beautiful fingernails.

You Should Keep This In Mind With Gel Nails During Pregnancy:

Nevertheless, there are a few things you should consider if you want to wear gel nails during pregnancy. Normally, UV gel, which is used for artificial fingernails, does not contain any harmful substances and is odorless. That’s why you can also have gel nails applied when you’re pregnant.

Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy. This can affect your sense of smell. There may be an increased sensitivity to smells so that you find the smell of the gel nails annoying and unpleasant. You can counteract this by ventilating the room well. Point the nail artist out in a friendly manner and ask her to open a window or door.

In addition, fine dust can occur when arrows de artificial nails. You should not inhale this fine dust.

Regular Nail Care:

Hormones can wreak havoc on a woman’s body during pregnancy. They can also be to blame if the gel nails don’t want to hold properly. You can remedy this with a strong adhesive gel.

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