If your gel nails don’t hold up, there’s a lot you can do about it. Because mostly the wrong handling of the best gel nail polish and the application is to blame. In this beauty guide, we explain how you can counteract the problem and keep your gel nails longer.

  • Gel nails don’t last: This is important to consider when getting a manicure. If you have had gel nails done and they become deformed after a short time or don’t last, then the wrong handling of the nail polish and insufficient preparation is usually to blame. Therefore, there are a few things to consider when doing a manicure:
  • Degreasing nails: In order for your gel nails to last, you should definitely decrease your natural nails. For example, you can use a primer for the nails.
  • Using a primer: If you want your gel nails to hold up well, you should definitely use a primer. In particular, brittle natural nails and problem nails benefit from the primer because the modeling clay adheres better.

So, degreasing is one of the most important steps in preparing your nails before modeling the gel nails. Also, note that your nails are greasy at the nail bed than at the tips. You should therefore degrease the nails well at this point in particular.

  • Do not file too much: Before modeling your gel nails, your nail plate will be filed with a sandpaper file. If you file too much, your nail will become too thin. The modeling clay can no longer lie properly on the nail. As a result, the gel nail has less grip on the natural nail.
  • Remove nail dust with a cuticle brush: If you have filed your natural nails before modeling your gel nails, then you should make sure that you remove all the nail dust. It is best to use a cuticle brush for this. Be sure not to use your fingers to remove the dust. They would make your fingernails greasy again.

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