Gel nails – trends for everyday life or for special occasions? Here you can find out what you need and how you can do it yourself.

Looking good isn’t just a matter of genetics. Taking care of your own body can also make a big difference. It is becoming increasingly important in today’s society to have well-groomed teeth and well-groomed fingernails. Gel nails coated with the best gel polish can make hands shine when done well.

An advantage of gel nails is that they have an odorless formula. In addition, they are easier to model than, for example, acrylic nails, which has the advantage that it is easier to experiment with at home to form attractive gel nails.

However, you need three layers for finished gel nails, which have to be applied one after the other, which can look unnatural, especially with delicate fingers. Also, when growing out, gel nails look impossible as they leave a high step on the regrown nail. 

Furthermore, gel nails are unfortunately not soluble with acetone. Therefore, they have to be ground down, which of course can damage the right nail. Gel nails are also not as resilient compared to acrylic nails.

But there are also a few advantages of the gel nail. The health aspect occurs, for example, if you should bite your fingernails. Because that is no longer possible with gel nails or acrylic nails. 

But gel nails can also be good for the psyche. If you don’t like your nails because they’re discolored or too wide, you can turn them into eye-catchers with an unusual and individual design.

Gel nails consist of 1-component UV gels that are applied to the nail in three phases. First, the adhesive gel is used, then the builder gel, and finally the sealing gel. All gels need to cure for a few minutes under UV/Led light.

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