Professional gel polish on nails is beautiful, stylish, and long-lasting. However, there are times when this coating needs to be removed from the nails.

The modern market offers many options for removing nail polish, including various liquids and devices. However, the present discovery was the invention of special wipes for removing gel polish, which is described in this article.

Napkins are individual bags that consist of several layers:

  • inner layer – hypoallergenic elastic base impregnated with a special composition for removing the varnish layer, as well as various ingredients for caring for the cuticle
  • Medium represents foil which creates a greenhouse effect for the more productive effect of the ingredients
  • The outer layer contains all the necessary information for the consumer. , including manufacturer information and instructions on the intended use

Wipes for removing gel polish have several advantages over other cosmetic products sold for this purpose:

  1. They are equally good for removing gel polish and ordinary varnishes
  2. Convenient enough to use even for the novice in this business
  3. Convenient when traveling: It is unlikely to spill liquid in a suitcase, it does not take up much space in the bag and can be used almost anywhere.
  4. Generally created from hypoallergenic materials and components have skin-friendly properties
  5. A pouch can take turns removing the cover on multiple fingers. This is an inexpensive option for home use.

Gel Polish Remover is easy to use in action:

  • To make the coating smoother you need to remove the top shine with a coarse grit nail file.
  • Open the sachet by removing part of the packaging. along the designated dividing line.
  • Put on a napkin in this way so that the impregnated part is adjacent to the painted nail plate.
  • Loose edges wrapped tightly around your finger so there are no gaps;
  • After 10-15 minutes (The exact time is usually indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions.) Take off the sachet and soften the gel polish to remove the orange stick.
  • If necessary, preserve the soaked base. out of the pouch and rub the nail.
  • Rinse hands with water and apply moisturizer, and nourishing cream paying special attention to the periungual zones and the nail plates.

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