Gel nails have become popular over the past few years, especially in salons. The main feature of a gel manicure is that it lasts longer than regular polish–sometimes up to two weeks. However, the beauty community is still divided on whether it’s worth the cost. 

Some say it lasts longer than regular nail polish, but others say that it damaged their nails. So that is why we decided to take a closer look at what gel polish is and whether it really is worth the cost. 

Gel Nail Polish:

Gel nail polishes are applied like normal polishes, but you must use a UV or LED lamp to seal the polish. This process allows you to have that perfect shiny manicure with no drying time needed and will last up to two weeks without chipping. 

The gel nail polishes are typically priced higher than your regular lacquer but still cheaper than getting acrylics or gel nails done monthly.

Gel Nail Polish comes in almost every color imaginable, you can find it at any local drug store or beauty supply store such as BLUESKY and it can last up to three weeks! 

The downside of gel nail polish like most things is that it’s not perfect. It does take a little more effort to remove than normal nail polish, you will need to soak your nails in acetone for about fifteen minutes unlike just using normal nail polish remover which only takes off regular nail polish.

Gel nail polish is a great choice for someone who wants to wear a beautiful manicure, with high gloss and vibrant color, without the need to redo or touch up their nails constantly. 

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