Now it is no longer just that gel nail polish is unhealthy for the nails, now the popular UV varnish is also said to cause cancer. It’s no wonder that many women are unsettled by such headlines and worried about their health.

But anyone who reads the text behind such lurid headlines as gel nail polish is carcinogenic will realize that this is not about the UV coating at all. Not gel nail polish should lead to cancer, but the UV devices that harden the nail art.

Do UV Lamps Actually Increase The Risk Of Cancer?

According to current media reports, the UV devices used to harden gel nails are said to increase the risk of developing skin cancer. 

However, the fact that UV radiation is considered to be a cause of cancer is not new knowledge. And here, too, we know that it is all about the dose of radiation: the more radiation, the more dangerous.

But the time that the fingernails need to harden under the UV lamp is very limited. The new generation of LED devices dries gel nails in even less time. Also: The good thing about gel nail polish is that it lasts so long and the manicure only needs to be touched up after several weeks.

And let’s be honest: Every sunbath without adequate sun protection increases the risk of skin cancer. During this time, the skin and nails are exposed to UV radiation for much longer than when treated with gel or UV varnish. 

So if you are wondering whether gel nail polish is unhealthy and carcinogenic, you should perhaps the first question the extensive sunbathing on the beach.

Our Tips For The Particularly Cautious:

If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to beauty and health, you can further reduce the risk of developing cancer by taking a few precautionary measures. 

The most important requirement is, of course, a device that has the appropriate certification. Then you can be sure that the radiation used is subject to regulation. The new lamps in particular put little more strain on skin and nails than normal daylight. Saving money on manicure equipment exposes your health to unnecessary risk!

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