You may have been looking for a reliable but are unsure where to find one? You can find the right machine for your business by using Tradewheel, a global marketplace that offers a vast selection of products. These products range from leather cutting machines to CO2 laser engraving machines. There are many advantages of using Tradewheel to find a Hanma Read on to discover the benefits of using this global marketplace to source your next machine.

HM-series laser cutting machine

The HM-series laser cutting machine is a high-end, integrated design for precision sheet metal laser applications. This machine supports a wide range of file formats, including CAD and CAM. It also offers support for professional drawing software and hot plug data interface, boosting work efficiency. The HM-series laser cutting machine is very easy to install and maintain, thanks to its advanced technology and integrated design.

HM-sm1610 industrial laser cutting machine

The Hanma HM-sm1611 industrial laser cutting machine is designed for precision and durability, and is compatible with all common materials. Its advanced features include an integrated design, DSP digital control technology, and support for professional drawing software plugins. Users can also take advantage of its fast data transfer capabilities and cable data interface. The machine is also equipped with a high-speed guide rail and a Korea Winner high-speed guide line.

CO2 laser cutting machine

The CO2 laser cutting machine has many advantages. Firstly, it can process various non-metals, including wood, plastic, and paper. Secondly, it can cut large format materials, such as glass and metals. Thirdly, it offers high precision CO2 laser engraving and cutting, and is ideal for high-speed production lines. Moreover, it is easy to operate, and its cutting dimensions range from 3 to 1.8 meters. Therefore, it is suitable for virtually every industry.

Fiber laser cutting machine

The HM-GB series of fiber laser cutting machines is a new product of Hanma Laser. This machine is capable of cutting many types of metallic materials ranging from 0 to 20 mm. It adopts exchange dual worktable and a fiber laser with a power ranging from 1kw to 2kw. The HM-GB fiber laser cutting machine has 1.51.6G cutting acceleration and is suitable for cutting a variety of materials.


TRUMPF is the world’s leading laser manufacturer. Its North American subsidiary, TRUMPF Inc., employs 750 people. The company is the largest manufacturer of fabricating machinery in the United States. The TRUMPF Group is headquartered in Germany and has offices in 26 countries. Total annual sales are over $3 billion. The TRUMPF brand offers a variety of laser cutting machines, from a small desktop laser cutter to a large 8,000-watt laser.

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