Most parents these days look for dolls that look like real babies. The reason is that they know that realistic baby boy and girl dolls can help their baby develop in many ways. When it comes to buying realistic dolls, some features become important.

Baby Boy and Girl Dolls with The Best Set of Features:

At Child House, we understand your concern as a caring mom. So, our reborn baby boy collection has been made with the best features:

  • The dolls are handmade using quality silicone material.
  • Silicone is one of the safest materials for babies to handle
  • It is possible to manipulate this material to resemble the actual touch and feel of a human baby.
  • To make them seem real, our dolls come with hair and cosmetics.
  • Above all, our dolls are made with baby scents to give the real feel like human babies.

Customize Your Baby Doll with Us:

We have an extensive collection of baby boy and baby girl dolls that look realistic. But, do you want a doll that looks like your baby? We can do it for you.  We understand that you look for a doll that has a similar look like your baby to encourage bonding. So, we offer a customization option although we have a collection of pre-designed dolls. Also, our dolls are known for affordable pricing and longevity.

Not only dolls for baby boys, but also, we have a collection of unisex dolls and a collection for little girls. So, buckle up for the best buy.

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