Acrylic nails are definitely not something brand-new on the planet, however gel nails are a little bit younger. However, when it concerns appeal, the last ones have actually currently exceeded their predecessors. There are several reasons that gel nails have ended up being so preferred and also it is not just because they look stunning as well as elegant.

Polymer nails require you to wait for them to set before you can stir, yet with gel nails, you do not have that concern.

Gel nail polish additionally lasts longer than other kinds of man-made nails too. Besides, there are numerous advantages of gel nails over acrylic.

Acrylic is a lot more challenging and much more awkward. You will have to have your nails pierced down into your all-natural nail as well as even if you don’t mind having a treatment similar to this done to your hands, it can take some getting used to.

The elegance of gel nails is that they fit your all-natural nail shape and size flawlessly so there is no awkwardness while they are being applied.

Acrylic can cause discoloration of your natural nail below. Sometimes, the chemicals in the acrylic can offer your nails a yellow color or even make them end up being blemished totally after a couple of months.

Gel nails don’t do this, as they are made from totally various chemicals which will not damage the all-natural nail underneath in all.

The next reason gel nails ended up being so prominent is the reality that they offer you a large range of shades from which you can pick the one that fits your style best.

Finally, gel nail gloss can be self-applied at home with the help of a gel nail kit. BLUESKY gel nail package includes every little thing you require: base coat, color coat, topcoat, a UV light as well as for instructions on just how to apply them appropriately.

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