An endoscope is an advanced tool that has made life easier for patients as well as doctors. A few years ago, when the patient was having some abdominal complications and the patient was not cured with medicines. The doctor found no solution but surgery. But with the invention of the endoscope, everything changed. Now the doctor can examine the internal organs of the patient without having the surgery. Instead, they now put an insertion tube for endoscopy. 

The process in which an endoscope is used is called endoscopy. An endoscope is used for treating various complications inside the body without cutting your external skin. 

Endoscope usage:

It is used for collecting biopsy for identifying various diseases like bleeding, inflammation of the digestive system, cancer of the abdomen, anemia, or diarrhea.

  •  It is inserted from the mouth to identify problems of the windpipe, lungs, or trachea, or even the problems of the small intestine till duodenum. The whole procedure is known as Bronchoscopy
  • Or it is inserted from the rectum to diagnose the colon and large intestine-related problem and the whole process is known as Colonoscopy.
Insertion tube sample

Insertion Tube for Endoscopy is a part of an endoscope that is inserted from the mouth or anus for verifying the disease. If your endoscope insertion tube is damaged, you may change it with the new one instead of buying the entire endoscope. You can replace the insertion tube for endoscopy from Guangzhou Smart Tech. Technology CO. LTD. This company has a vast experience of 11 years of manufacturing insertion tubes.

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