The beauty of the hands is just as important as that of the face. The polishes give your look a whole new character, like an accessory. You have the choice between the types of nail polish depending on your frequency, your availability for laying, and of course your budget. 

There are the classic polishes that have been beautifying your hands for decades. Then there are the latest UV trends like semi-permanent or permanent nail polish. Here is an overview of the different types of nail polish to help you choose what works best for you.

The Advantages Of An Ordinary Varnish:

Classic varnish is the most economical type of varnish. Mid-range products cost around 4 to 5 euros. You can also find quality varnishes that are much more expensive. In any case, you will not spend more than 15 euros on classic nail polish. It’s a good plan if you love at-home manicures and you want to create your own collection.

Ordinary varnish is also convenient since it does not require much material. So you can improvise a beauty institute at home. You can have painted fingernails every day. Thanks to the simple extraction method, you can even change the color at will. In fact, all you need is a simple acetone-free solvent and you’ll find your natural nails again.

The Advantages Of Permanent Varnish:

Of course, the best advantage of gel polish is its durability. It helps to keep a flawless manicure for more than three weeks without going through the wrong-nail box. The paint does not slip. And even wear and tear is not the main reason for the deposit. 

In fact, it is necessary to remove it to allow the nail tissue to breathe. In addition, knocking off the nails has an unsightly appearance.

The long-lasting varnish also ensures that the nails are more colorful and shiny than if you had used a classic varnish. First, the texture of the gel gives the product a sensational shine. Then the nail lamp technology creates a beautifying effect on your manicure. 

Over the next few weeks, the color of your paintwork will not dull and will remain as vibrant as the first day of installation.

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