How do we feel when carrying our full bag of dog poop? Dignified? Most likely not. Consider a new way and feel much better when walking our dog. Embark on restored dignity with a dog waste bags carrier.

Rather than walking with a loaded bag dangling from our hand and leash, consider enclosing it in a bright, protected, washable, vinyl backed nylon bag, some in more than one color. Protected from bumps and jostles and eyes. Load more than one if necessary, no longer worrying about not having enough bags or room for additional loads.

Rather than stuffing those plastic bags full of canine poop in our pockets, consider enclosing them in this same convenient necessity… an accessory for empty and loaded bags. Our bags are then readily available when walking our dog.

Some dog poop bag carriers are also able to hold other necessities such as treats, wallet, cell phone or keys. One top notch bag even has a slot for hand sanitizer, a necessity for all who handle dog poop.

Most of these carriers can be attached to our leash and some have the amazing advantage of also attaching to our belt and belt loops. Having our bags and needed accessories always available is a welcomed treat.

Dignity restored with one simple accessory. A product that will carry that unsightly canine poop bag, our needed empty bags and so much more. A product that indicates our desire to follow the law, yet also our desire to have our dignity restored. Consider a dog waste bags discreet carrier to restore our dignity when walking our beloved pet.

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