Technology has made so much advancement in life that many matters can be solved in seconds with a perfect finishing touch. A person who Is involved in the cutlery business can use the metal laser cutter to cut the stainless steel into different shapes without so much effort.  

There are majorly three types of laser cutters are in use:

  1. CO 2 laser
  2. Nd: YAG laser
  3. Diode laser
  4. Fiber laser

CO 2 laser

  • Invisible, infrared radiation (10600 nm)
  • Laser medium: a gas mixture
  • 10% CO 2 , 20% N 2 , 70% He
  • We turned into electrically conductive plasma
  • Energy supply (pumps): Electrically via electrodes
  • Efficiency: ~ 15% ┬╗Dissipation of losses through cooling
  • Application: cutting, engraving, perforating thin, organic material (plastics, wood, textiles), sheet metal processing, welding, hardening, remelting


  • Invisible infrared radiation (1064 nm)
  • Laser medium: crystal (Nd: YAG crystal)
  • Energy supply (pumps): Optical through light with flash lamps or laser diodes
  • To shape:
  • Crystal rod
  • Thin disk (disk laser)
  • Fiber (fiber laser)
  • Application: micro-drilling, precision cutting of thin sheets, welding of individual point connections, cutting of thick sheets, welding
  • Laser radiation can be conducted via fiber optics

Diode laser

  • Laser medium: semiconductor (diode)
  • Energy supply (pumps): By electrical current
  • Compact design
  • High efficiency (25-50%)
  • Bad beam quality

Fiber Laser:

The fiber laser uses a light-conducting fiber that is a few meters long and doped with laser-active atoms. The diameter of the fiber is so small (<100 ╬╝m) that only light of the highest beam quality can propagate in it, even under optical and thermal stress. Fiber lasers have a wavelength of 1070 nm and achieve an efficiency of 30%.

The large surface-to-volume ratio offers good heat dissipation. The fiber is an optical waveguide in which the pump light and the generated laser radiation propagate as a guided wave. Thanks to their robust design, high beam quality, and efficiency, fiber lasers are suitable for many applications. Low power fiber lasers are used for data transmission in glass fibers. In the power range of a few watts, they can be used, among other things, for medical purposes or for labeling components by changing their color. High power systems are used, among other things, for welding and cutting.

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