Why so Pricey?

Many wonder why they are so expensive; in fact, they have increased over 50% in the last decade, which is much more than market-wide increases for non-luxury goods. There are a few reasons brand name bags are so pricey, one is cost of manufacturing. Many don’t realize that the cost to manufacture and sell some of these bags is around 35% of the final retail price. The only other products that match this are beauty products and shoes. However, the image of being fashion-forward is made with bags, so they are an investment that most are willing to make.

The costs that make up the aforementioned 35% determine what the final price is, of course, and all of those elements continually get more expensive. Labor directly affects the prices no matter if it’s made in China, the U.S. or anywhere. Even “Made in Italy” handbags are affected in some way. Plus, worldwide costs of leather, cotton and metals fluctuate, affecting the cost. When one can secure designer handbags cheap, they are a great find.

Basic instincts of consumers, however, present a problem. They tend to lean towards having luxury accessories that are brand new, and not off season. If one can work around doing so, they can obtain designer handbags cheaper, and still impress. Relaying that their bag is a “classic” is one way around the harsh judgement some have towards those using last year’s styles. The status-conscious individuals tend to overlook inflated price tags and buy the latest and greatest accessories simply to impress coworkers and friends for a season.

Supply and Demand

As long as makers of these fine handbags keep increasing prices, and consumers keep buying there will be no decrease in price for brand new styles. However, if demand lessens due to buying last season’s designer handbags cheap, then prices may go down. Once consumers understand supply and demand it will make a huge difference. Until then, they can train themselves to shop wisely – it too can become a habit just like that of buying brand new items.

Where to Shop for Designer Handbags Cheap

Check online stores, and be sure to learn about how to spot counterfeit handbags before investing in one. Many stores will pass them off as genuine, and then investing in designer handbags for cheap is pointless. As long as the store has great reviews and a good reputation the buy will be well worth it. The easiest way to determine if the store is legit, is to do some research before making a purchase. There are many stores offering luxury accessories for less, enabling customers to get several items for the price of one in brick and mortar stores.

How to Tell Genuine from Fake

There are many clues that will make it easy for a consumer to tell a real designer bag from a knockoff. Stitching, uneven printing, color and quality of the material are all dead giveaways. Get to know the real products well. Open them, examine tags and feel them to get an idea of how perfect the construction truly is. This will help when shopping elsewhere.

The only problem is that this can be difficult online, that’s why reading reviews and checking the sites reputation is important. If they have many satisfied customers and a good return policy then it’s probable that their accessories are in fact, genuine.

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