Coach cleaner? NO! I have found two common household ingredients that work fantastic for cleaning a Coach purse: Palmolive liquid Dishwashing Soap & Baking Soda! (mix together in equal parts)

Here is a list of everything needed:

  • Palmolive dishwashing soap
  • baking soda
  • extra large white towel to cover work area
  • 1 white cleaning rag
  • 1 medium/large white drying towel
  • hairdryer

(all towels should be white to avoid any color transfer or bleeding during the cleaning process)

Cleaning a Coach purse is basically simple when you have a trusted proven formula. The second most valuable key is: very hot water. Since you will be working with your hands, always test the temperature on a small area before dipping your hand in. Be sure to continue adding or replacing your water to keep it as hot as possible. This is VITAL to your cleaning success.

I work out of a microwave safe mug so I can reheat my water as it cools down. It also saves time when I need to heat a totally new batch of clean water.

Always begin with a tidy surface by putting down an extra large white towel for added protection. You don’t want to make any more work for your self!

Next, grab the small white towel you want to use for cleaning the soiled areas on your Brand Name Handbag. Dip a corner of your towel in to the hot water and squeeze out most of the excess. Now dab that wet spot into the mixture of half soda and half soap. Just a small dot will be sufficient. It’s easier to apply another “dot” of cleaner again, if necessary, but its most difficult to get the cleaner out of areas that have been overly soapy.

Work quickly to insure your cleaning rag stays as hot as possible.Gently begin to wipe the soiled area, being sure to avoid brisk rough motions as this can cause “wear” & “pilling” to the fabric. Apply light pressure with more of a dabbing technique then rubbing. Your now ready to get a fresh white towel and absorb the excess soapy water on your Coach Handbag. Next, follow with a fresh warm water “rinse” and repeat the towel drying process. Make sure to apply fresh hot water several times as you will not want to leave any soapy residue. Any cleaning solution not removed can cause a discolored ring that will show when dryed. Lastly, when you have absorbed as much water from the Coach Bag as possible, dry with warm air from your hairdryer and admire the dazzling results!

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