You need to take care of your gel nails to ensure long-term durability and healthy wearing comfort. Regular refills in the nail studio, careful creaming, and caution when handling certain chemicals guarantee you beautiful, scratch-free gel nails.

Even after the modeling, you have to take care of your gel nails. Artificial nails are up to 60 times stronger than natural nails, but you should take certain precautions to ensure they last as long as possible. For example, you must not expose gel polish to the blazing sun for too long. 

Even saltwater is not good for the nails. We, therefore, recommend the following tip: An extended beach holiday is better spent with natural nails. Regularly massaging in care oil and always rubbing your hands well with the cream helps to keep cuticles and nail beds healthy and supple.

Only Shorten With A File:

The most important commandment for artificial fingernails: Never shorten them with nail scissors! However, if you feel like trimming one or more nails when caring for your gel nails, do so carefully with a file. Tip: A crystal file that also seals the nail tips is particularly good.

You should also never scratch on or under your gel nails. Not only do you impair the appearance of the nail, scratching under the nail can injure the connecting membrane between the nail bed and the natural nail and cause painful inflammation. Remove dirt under and on the gel nails with a soft nail brush.

Regular Topping Up For Long Shelf Life:

If you want to enjoy your artificial fingernails for a long time, regular refilling is an essential part of your care routine. You should go to the nail salon every three to four weeks. If you wait too long to fill up, the center of gravity of the nail can shift, it can “tilt” under load and break off painfully.

Be Careful With Chemicals:

Another tip: always wear gloves when doing household chores and cleaning, as the chemicals contained in the cleaning agents attack the material of the gel nails. Also, you should never use nail polish remover with acetone, it dulls the nails. Caution should also be exercised with nail hardeners or varnish containing calcium, which can also cause gel nails to become dull and brittle.

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