The coat belongs (especially as winter clothing) in every wardrobe, it protects against the cold and at the same time ensures a beautiful appearance. There seems to be an endless selection of different types of coats, from classic trench coats to elegant short coats. The different shapes enable us to attract attention with our clothing even in winter and to make a fashion statement. You can find out what types of coats there are and which one is right for you. There are different styles and ways to wear trendy women’s coats.

Depending on the culture and trend, the coat has changed a few times so far. However, its basic characteristics and purpose have always remained the same, namely to protect against rain and cold. However, a further distinction can be made between the individual components of the coat, such as the length, the collar, or which materials are used for the coat.

In order to do justice to the actual meaning of the garment, coats usually have long sleeves. In the meantime, and especially in recent years, the trend has been moving towards the less everyday cut of a three-quarter sleeve.

The importance of the collar depends on the particular coat shape. While the poncho dispenses with it entirely, other types of coats use the collar as additional protection against the cold in the form of a turn-down collar that can be turned up quickly. Overall, a distinction can be made between the following collar shapes for coats:

  • Reverse
  • stand-up collar
  • collarless

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