Women who want to make artificial fingernails using gel polish colors sometimes ask themselves whether the gel is harmful to their nails. In the past, statements by some dermatologists warning against the use of UV lamps for nail modeling caused uncertainty. 

The reason: the UVA radiation they emit promotes skin aging and can increase the risk of skin cancer. However, scientists who have conducted studies on this topic have not been able to identify any direct risk to women using UV light. 

Especially since only a small dose of radiation is used in nail modeling anyway. If you still have concerns, you can, for example, put on fingerless gloves before the treatment.

Gel for nails contains methacrylic acid. It penetrates the natural nail, removes moisture from it, and makes it more porous in the long run. Healthy and normal thick fingernails are usually not affected by this. 

By the way: If you have applied the gel for nails for years and decide to take a break, your natural nails will have regained their normal strength after about four months. During this time you should take care of them carefully and make sure that no nail fungus forms.

In very rare cases, problems can arise when matting the natural nail. This is because the top layer of the natural nail is always slightly removed. Most women don’t mind if the stratum corneum becomes a little thinner. 

With very sensitive nails and especially with improper treatment, the nail plate can be damaged. In extremely rare cases, deformed nails also grow back.

Because your thin nails become more sensitive to acid than normal thick fingernails. Filing down the nail surface also has a greater impact on the thinner natural nail. 

If you don’t want to do without modeling despite thin nails, fiberglass gels for nails are a good alternative: no acid was used in the production of this gel for nails.

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